ITE Momentum, I Gede Pitana: Like a pond, Hong Kong is full of fish

JAKARTA – Hong Kong is still seen as a potential market for the promotion of Wonderful Indonesia. It is not wrong if Kemenpar designed a performance at the International Travel Expo (ITE) event which will be held on June 16-19 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center.
“We are facilitating 8 Indonesian Tourism Industries to the event, we will maximize sales opportunities in Hong Kong which are like ponds, lots of fish,” said I Gde Pitana, Deputy of Foreign Marketing at Kemenpar.
Furthermore Pitana said, ITE Hong Kong was a Business to Business (B to B) event which was the largest event in the Hong Kong area and was attended by more than 50 countries and 607 exhibitors, 11,874 buyers consisting of 75% Hong Kong and 25% mainland China .
“The first two days will be conducted B to B and then the last 2 days will be carried out with B to C. During the exhibition, one of the series of activities is a seminar. This will be a very important event for Indonesian tourism, “he said.
For your information, Kemenpar has participated in ITE Hong Kong activities since 2008 and ITE Hong Kong has been taking place since 2005. Participants from countries participating in this event are: Syscelles, Maldives, Germany, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Egypt, European Region, China, India, Taiwan and America.
“We will cast wonderful Indonesia on the booth land that we rent, namely 6 booths with an area of ??54 square meters. The booth will be designed with a focus on the nuances of Wonderful Indonesia Phinisi Ship equipped with an image that represents destinations in 3 Greater namely Batam data hk, Jakarta, and Bali, “added the man who had studied education in Canberra, Australia.
As is known, Kemenpar will make Hong Kong as a tourist market as well as an area to attract more foreign tourists to come to Indonesia.
“There are two countries that we have made as ‘fish ponds’ for ‘fishing’ for tourists, namely Singapore and Hong Kong,” Pitana added. Pitana said that as the largest hub in Asia Pacific, there were certainly many tourists from various countries who came to Hong Kong. “Well, the expatriates and foreign tourists in Hong Kong, which we will ‘provoke’ to come to Indonesia,” he said.
Pitana said, as a hub, Hong Kong was also more prepared for its infrastructure, by having an open economic system and a different currency than China.
“As a hub (hub) between China and Europe to Asia and vice versa, making Hong Kong visited by many business people and travelers from various countries. This is also a good moment and must be maximized, “said Pitana.
Based on Kemenpar’s data, the number of foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia in 2014 was recorded 9.4 million or 8.5 percent higher compared to 2013. While the number of tourists from Hong Kong visiting Indonesia until September 2015 recorded 65,799 people or an increase of 1.31 percent from the previous year, there were 64,945 people.

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