To which extent playing online poker is right for you?

Just like any other game, you play poker online atm with certain limits. The limits depend on factors like your skill sets, level of endurance and the appetite for the risks involved with money. On the top side, you could be a millionaire in the shortest possible time and on the bottom side you could be a bankrupt. But all depends on how you play, how you strategies and how you prioritise.

Here are some of the factors that help you judge to what extent you could play online poker:

  • Fun Extent

Poker is a game of fun filled with all possible elements the greatest drama could offer. It gives you the characters, actions, challenges, chances, hope and most importantly the rewards. So, you have to decide whether you are playing online poker for fun or something else. Even in the pursuit of happiness, you have to be very balanced, as overindulgence could lead to some physical and psychological disorders. Don’t make it an addiction.

  • Extent of Earnings

We all play poker for earning. Some play it as a source of part time earning and some become professional poker player earning millions per year. Well, all this depends on your own limit in terms of skill and resources. You can start with low stake game and build skills, meanwhile and move forward to plan big. If you are confident enough after some time, then you can participate in tournaments and earn big. Interestingly, if you are in professional category you could crowd-fund your tournament buy-ins and share earnings with investors. So, the only limit is how many games you could handle in a limited time.

  • Emotional Extent

Playing poker is fun but at a professional level, it is very draining. This drain isn’t just physical, but emotional and financial as well. You have to remain always in highly focused state with all your visual senses on the hyperactive state to capture information and process it in real time. The information helps you in decision making and ultimately you use it in making smart moves to win the game. Despite the best of your efforts, the chances of win is in the best case scenario is 50-50. So, one mistake and you could miss the championship and land in trouble.

  • Family Balance

Online poker is very engaging in nature as you get tempted to continue the winning streak and compensate if you lost a few hands. This chain reaction normally takes a heavy toll on your family life. How much poker is right for you would depend on your situation and requirement? You play poker to earn extra money so that you could enjoy better life, but you cannot do by sacrificing the family.

  • Social

You play online poker in isolation and this takes you away from the social life. If you find it difficult to manage social and personal time, you have to find a way as this could lead to certain problems in long-term. You may not like this bit you are not liked in society as a gambler. You have to find the balance so that you could enjoy good social life along with the game. If you continue to have a good bottom-line, it will go well with the society. If something goes wrong with the bottom-line, your social circle will not waste a single minute in blaming you for all the misfortunes.

  • Poker Expectation

This is the biggest part of whole mental dynamics. You win one or two odd hands you land in dream and calculating the yearly and decadal earning. Stop this self injuring your mind, and try to understand the math. There is no doubt you can earn handsome amount playing online poker. But to get that “handsome” level you have to do several other things, which requires time and energy for sustained period of time.

You have to read and read well to understand the game first, then be very selective in game selection and then play a very smart game keeping bottom-line in mind. You simply cannot will all the hands, but you can apply the law of average and earn “handsome” amount in a long run.

Try to gulp and digest it. The rate of win in online poker is measured on the basis of Blind Bids (BB) per 100 hands. To put it simply, if you play 1000 hands a day for 20 days in a month and you make $50,000 playing on 10/20, your win rate would be (50,000X100/20X1000X20) = 12.5. This, 12.5 BB/100 is excellent rate and you will among the top 1-2% of the league. In the realistic world, the 7-8 BB/100 would be a pretty decent rate of win. SO, keep you expectation in check as this will help you plan well and act well.


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